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office telephony

Trinsic has the expertise and experience to ensure your business has the connections, routing and handsets it needs to operate efficiently and cost effectively.

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Optimal Performance And Cost Efficiency For Your Office Phones

In the age of VoIP, there are many choices available as to how you configure your business telephony, handle calls between fixed lines and mobiles and how and what you pay for your services. Trinsic takes a consultative approach to your Office Telephony, challenging legacy assumptions about needs and practices to deduce a solution that will provide your business with true, state of the art phone infrastructure, systems and devices along with sustainable connection tariffs appropriate to usage. In true Trinsic style, no operational challenge or obstacle is ever too great.

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Where trinsic
gives you

the edge for office telephony


We are keenly competitive in the provision of fixed line services and make full use of the least cost routing to ensure that both your services and capacity are cost efficient.


In setting up your Office Telephony services and in managing these and constantly optimising costs, nothing will be a problem for your Trinsic Account Manager.


We have rapid and competitive access to all major hardware, system software and handsets, due to our outstanding relationships with key Vendors and channel partners.

your key office telephony choices

We look at every client’s needs as a blank page, considering each parameter carefully before making recommendations. However, there are three broad solutions commonly utilised to deliver an appropriate solution.

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PBX & Wire

Available on-premise or as a hosted solution, a PBX/wire system shares a limited number of external lines amongst all your internal user lines.
PBX calls can be routed to the public phone network or via VoIP.

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Hosted Telephony

Ideal for many smaller businesses, your business phone system is hosted and managed for you in a provider’s private data centre.
Your calls use VoIP and there is no sign of a PBX in your office.

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SIP Trunks

A great option for businesses with many users, SIP Trunks enable your PBX to send and receive, per licence, via the internet.
The platform can support voice, video and messaging applications.

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“Finally, we have total visibility and control over what’s happening across our business”

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reducing risk

A failure of internet connectivity poses the greatest threat to VoIP routed office telephony. We can reduce risk for you by establishing back up ISDN, landline or even mobile connectivity to automatically activate if something goes wrong.

disaster recovery

Service loss due to connectivity failure will be mitigated by the contracts we put in place for you with providers. If your phones are taken out by software failure, then we’ll have you operational again, quickly and efficiently under the terms of your SLA.

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