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management & security

Whether you operate in a strictly regulated compliance environment, or need, simply to achieve an appropriate level of security, Trinsic can help you secure and manage your mobiles and devices, and their applications and permissions.

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Management & Security

We specify and deploy Mobile Device Management and Unified Endpoint Management solutions that give full visibility and control over the mobile devices being used in your organisation and accessing your network. This gives you full management capability to determine and monitor devices and their users, to restrict permissions or user privilege/data consumption, and to respond to potential breaches or HR alerts by sending out "poison pills" to close down devices quickly. In addition, comprehensive analytics enable management decisions regarding usage at all levels from individuals to organisation wide.

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Whichever Management & Security solution we deploy will form part of a cost-effective Mobile or Unified Comms strategy designed to deliver performance and save you money.

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As always, Trinsic’s service commitment is second to none, with consultancy guidance and ongoing support and assistance available from your Account Manager.

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The MDM and UEM solutions we deploy are all Enterprise offers from world class Vendors, specified and configured by our specialist security team.

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Key Management & Security Solutions

We specify from a wide range of Management & Security solutions, including these popular and proven Enterprise products.

IBM’s mobile device management software enables the management and security of all devices in your estate, as well as their applications and content.

Microsoft’s Cloud-based solution provides for mobile devices without compromising your security. A comprehensive and cross platform solution.

Apple’s online service automates the enrolment and configuration of Apple OS X and iOS devices in your organisation’s mobile device management software.

Vodafone's all-in-one solution provides for mobile device and operating system management with Unified Endpoint Management of both corporate and BYOD devices.

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“Finally, we have total visibility and control over what’s happening across our business”

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reducing risk

Management & Security provisions are in themselves about managing risk. Efforts to reduce exposure are thus focused on potential failures of the security and on preparing for the impacts of device theft, hostile actions or security breaches.

disaster recovery

If you suffer a hostile act, theft of devices or other breach which compromises security, we can help you to quickly change Voicemail PIN’s and effect lock outs on affected devices.

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