A different kind of customer service

What lots of businesses think of as added on ‘customer service’ seems to us to be the central component of our business offer.

Trinsic exists to help you develop and maintain a unified communications environment that can keep pace with your changing business needs.

So keeping close to you, discussing your business with you regularly, responding with smart and practical ideas to the challenges you tell us about, and working with you day to day to support your routine needs are the essence of our business.

How we make sure you’re properly looked after

Every member of our team understands that it’s their personal responsibility to provide you with outstanding service.

As a Trinsic client you will be looked after by a personal account team which includes:

  • A Business Development Manager, who looks after longer term, strategic concerns;
  • A Customer Liaison Manager, who’s there to take care of the business relationship; and
  • An Account Manager who will look after your day to day needs.

You’ll have your own, named, help desk Account Manager, and direct lines and email addresses for each member of our team, to heighten response times and ensure that whenever you or your people need something, we’re there for you.

Supporting your users and evolving your solution

Each of your users has access to help desk support via web, phone and email, ensuring that any query is swiftly resolved.

We provide regular account health checks at which we review costs and usage, the technologies that are deployed, the service you are receiving and the overall performance of your account.

We will also discuss the changing needs of your account and the latest relevant innovations. Where we identify the potential for further efficiencies we will present recommendations to ensure your account continues to deliver optimum business benefit.