How Trinsic moves you to the Cloud

The Cloud plays a central role in the way we integrate and rethink your communications to create a unified environment that lets your people work freely and with total flexibility. Instead of storing the data and applications you depend on from minute to minute on your PCs, devices or business servers, Cloud hosting sites them in a secure data centre, giving you free access to all of your files, and all of your applications, from a smartphone, phablet, tablet, laptop or desktop PC (even from a hastily accessed public PC in a hotel or airport), securely via the internet.

Using the Cloud to your best advantage

Cloud working gives you greater flexibility and operational efficiency, as well as the potential for enhanced cost control. It enables us to provide you with enterprise-grade tools and services, no matter what size organisation you are. Yet we’re still thoughtful in designing it into your solution, recommending Cloud capability only where it clearly adds value. Where operational factors or cost efficiency suggest it to be the best option, we can integrate Cloud-based services with your on premise infrastructure to create a hybrid solution that delivers the best results for the demands of your business.

Office 365 and other Cloud hosted Office applications

Combining Cloud versions of the essential office applications your business needs with secure,reliable fixed and mobile connectivity, we provide a powerful communication and collaboration solution that joins together all of your team and all of your resources, all of the time. At the heart of this is Microsoft’s Office 365 Suite, which gives you Cloud hosted access to email and shared calendars, contacts and tasks, as well as the latest versions of SharePoint and Office apps including Outlook, Word and Excel. There’s no need to worry about information being lost or stolen along with devices, because everything is continually monitored, backed up and protected for you. With the addition of Microsoft Lync the user experience is seamless, regardless of where people are, or which device they are working or communicating through. Calls can be made and received on any chosen device via a mobile or Wi-Fi connection.


Use key tools, including Microsoft Office 365 anywhere, at any time, on any device.


Any device. Any operating system. Any Network.


Wired and wireless. Dedicated and hosted telephony systems.